Lead vocals, acoustic guitar,


Star sign:  Libra 

Favorite music/band: Pink Floyd

Favorite time of day: Afternoon

Favorite sport: Ice skating

Lives in: Zürich, CH

Languages: Deutsch, English, Romanian, Spanish

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Electric & acoustic guitar, 

Star sign:  Scorpio 

Favorite music/band: Paul Simon

Favorite time of day: Morning

Favorite sport: Badminton

Lives in: Pfaffhausen, CH

Languages: Deutsch, English, Urdu

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Bianca State

Waseem Hussain

Andrew Whiteside, Christoph Maurer-Hasler, Michael Gawthorne, Rich Harpur - for organizing the monthly Open Mic in Wollishofen, the place where Bianca and Waseem met each other
Our loved families and friends - for all their support
8304 Bar & Lounge in Wallisellen - for hosting our debut concert, free beers and food
WirMachenDruck.ch - for printing our business cards on raw paper
Merique Crochet - for custom crocheting our Wool Kitty mascott (100% hand made)
Adam Cohen & Lana del Ray - for having made such a great version of "Chelsea Hotel no.2", the first song we worked on together, and that is how it all began...
All the wonderful musicians out there - for the iconic music that inspires us to write our own songs